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Build Strategy

An innovative feature that helps to build pre-defined or customized strategies by using dynamic and advance plugins.


Create Basket

Create a basket of multiple strategies of different symbols, analyse the past performance and deploy for Algo Trade.


Explore Community

Learn from the expert network, passionate investors & traders and sharing your expertise to the community wall to inspire others.

Build. Back Test. Analyse. Follow. Autotrade.

Experience the future of trading with our AI Algo Platform, allowing experts to Build, Backtest, and Automate their unique strategies. Contribute to the community by sharing insights, creating an educational ground for beginners to Learn, Follow and Share.

Market Maya
Features Of Market Maya


Construct multiple trading strategies through ready-made plugins. An innovative feature that helps to create predefined or customized strategies to set dynamic parameters of your choice.



Create a basket of multiple strategies at the same time giving chance to analyze the whole basket performance before trade. Add multiple strategies in the basket and deploy for Algo Trade with a single click.



Furnishes backtest of predefined or customized strategies for up to 3 years on historical data with detailed analytical reports.



Market Maya Terminal offers the perfect environment for learning and inspiration. Follow expert traders, share your insights, and join a community that thrives on knowledge exchange.



A platform with quick access to stocks, commodities, futures, forex, crypto and more that is well connected to various data feeds providing in-depth coverage unlike any other platforms.


Low Latency

Cutting-edge technology is managing a trading order queue and diverting the traffic into multiple high-end trading servers for ultra-fast execution.



Attach advanced plugins, set dynamic parameters and build strategy as per requirement.


Live Auto Trade

Just plug a trading account with Market Maya AI Algo Terminal to execute the real trades in your strategies automatically.


Paper Auto Trade

Accurate simulations of real trading scenarios that make way for investors to practice buying and selling securities through virtual money before plunging into the real market.

Join our community to

Join Market Maya's community to learn from experts, follow passionate traders, and inspire others.

  • Find The Trading Specialists

    Look for the expert trader who describe their trading techniques the best, give trading ideas and insights into the future market movement.

  • Filter The Ideas

    Go through the selected expert trader’s plethora of trading ideas, analyze basket and filter out the best trading ideas that fits your requirement.

  • Build & Share

    Build your own trading ideas and basket, then share to the community wall to inspire others.

Connected with live global exchange.

Market Maya AI algo terminal is live with global exchanges to trade in Stock, Commodity, Future & Option, Indices, Forex, Crypto worldwide.

Top brokers are live on Market Maya.

Featured brokers are integrated through API for live algo trading on Market Maya AI Algo Platform.

Ready to plug charting technology.

Market Maya AI Algo terminal is entirely connected with these renowned charting technology platforms through our charting bridge.

Trusted By Customers Trusted By Customers
Trusted by thousands of traders with a millions of trades.

Get Started. It’s free.

Free to use any plugins and build unlimited Strategies.

Add Multiple strategies into basket and build & analyse winning portfolio.

Enjoy up to 3 months unlimited free backtest for any strategy.

Free to deploy strategy for paper trading.


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